Honoring Our "Greatest Generation"

                 Giving Back to Those Who Have Given So Much


It is our privilege and duty to honor our oldest generations by fulfilling their Twilight Wishes.  Sometimes a wish fulfills an immediate quality-of-life need such as a lift chair or hearing aids.  Other times, the wish is a last wish or a meaningful one like Angela's wish to have Ronald McDonald deliver her favorite breakfast: the Sausage McMuffin! Angela is in hospice care and one of the only things she likes to eat are Sausage McMuffins. The visit from Ronald McDonald really lifted her spirits! When a wish is granted, it doesn't just impact the senior. It also inspires others to view seniors in a different way, changing how aging is perceived in our society today. Help us make our world a nicer place to age, one wish at a time. To donate today, click here and let our seniors know that they are valued and respected.