Honoring Our Aging Heroes

Giving Back to Those Who Have Given So Much


We feel it is our privilege and duty to honor our elderly  American veterans' by fulfilling their wishes.  Sometimes a wish fulfills an immediate need such as a lift chair or hearing aids.  Other times, the wish is a lifelong dream or a last wish such as Gus Siciliano's wish for a new flagpole and U.S. and POW flags to replace ones lost in a storm. Siciliano, a proud Army veteran and prisoner of war in a Nazi prison camp, was 92 and in hospice care at the time of is wish granting.  A few months after his wish was granted, Siciliano passed away, but he did so knowing that others cared and appreciated his selfless service to our country. 

Sadly, our "Greatest Generation" is disappearing, with WWII veterans dying at the rate of over 600 a day.  Timing is critical with our elderly veterans as we work to grant their wishes.  To donate today, click here and let these veterans know that they and the sacrifices they made are not forgotten.