Become a Twilight Wish Sponsor


We are a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization completely supported by grants, individual donations, and sponsorships from corporations like yours!   

Make a difference! Make an "Impact Investment" in your community by being a Twilight Wish Sponsor.  All contributing companies will be listed in the Our Sponsors section.

We offer the following Sponsorship Levels on a one-time basis for a full year, with optional annual renewal:

  • Gold - $50,000+

  • Silver - $25,000

  • Copper - $10,000

  • Bronze - $5,000

  • Tin/Guardian Angel - $2,500

We are looking for sponsors at all levels.  Each level comes with a host of benefits that includes prominent listing on our website.  We would like to work with your charity coordinator to grow our vision of honoring seniors across the country.

Please contact Cass Forkin, Founder and Chairman of the Board, (215*534*0402), to talk about the advantages of making your company STAND OUT as one that cares about our deserving senior citizens!