Diner Unexpected Thank You (DUTY) Program


Twilight Wish is pleased to introduce this program.  It is designed to directly involve the community in reaching out and thanking deserving seniors.  We feel it is our duty to honor and respect our elders in their twilight years, so we have created our Diner Unexpected Thank You (DUTY) Program.

Based on founder Cass Forkin's personal experience and her reason for founding Twilight Wish Foundation in 2003, this pilot program is designed to spontaneously thank a senior for all they have done for others by treating them to a meal.

How it works: Print out a DUTY card from this web site (click here) or contact Twilight Wish for preprinted cards.  When you are dining out and see a senior that you would like to treat, you pay their bill and hand the DUTY card to the waiter or waitress.  In turn, the waitperson presents the card to the recipient of your good will as a thank you for everything they have done for others over the years.

It is up to you whether you want to list your name on the card or remain anonymous.  The end result is that you are helping bring joy and comfort to the forgotten generation by thanking them in a very special and direct way.

If you have a DUTY story you would like to share, please email us at angels@twilightwish.org or call us at 1-877-TWF-WISH (1 877 893-9474).

A thank-you letter from a senior couple in Bucks County, PA who were recent recipients of a DUTY meal:

"At first we didn't know who to thank, but then we realized we didn't need a name.  Thank you and your organization for the wonderful work you are doing.  God bless you."

Feedback received from Gina R., a DUTY granter:

"I had to run into the bathroom to hide my tears from the senior couple when I saw their faces as they realized what was happening."