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Kenneth S., 78, Avalon, PA

Kenneth Sible, a resident of Avalon, Pennsylvania, had his simple wish for a new suit granted, thanks to our Allegheny County chapter.   Ken, 78, lives in a local senior living community. He is very involved in the local communities of Bellevue and Avalon. Throughout most of his life, Ken has provided prison ministry to inmates in local prisons. He also advocates for fair treatment on behalf of those past and presently in the prison correctional system. In addition, every Thanksgiving and Christmas, Ken takes what little income he has and purchases several turkeys which he donates to local churches for families in need. He also helps prepare and serve holiday meals at an area church for community members who have nowhere to go during the holidays. He wished for a new suit so that he is taken seriously when meeting with local politicians and community leaders. The Allegheny County chapter surprised him with a shopping trip at the Men’s Wearhouse in the Ross Park Mall on Wednesday, December 7th. Special thanks to Men's Wearhouse for discounting the clothing purchased.

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