Fulfilled Wishes


Alice E., 74, Philadelphia, PA  

Alice's stove has not worked in three years.  A mother of 12, Alice worked hard to raise her children alone. Her daughter wrote that “if it wasn’t for my mother, I don’t know how we all would have made it to be adults.”  She wanted to do something that would make her mother smile again.  The gas stove was generously donated by Yona and Jonathan Beller in June 2008.


Vernon F., 80, Lawrence, MA  

Vernon, a double amputee, has lived in the nursing home for nine years with few, if any visitors.  He never married, so his only family was his two Great Danes who made him feel loved and needed.  His wish was to have one more visit with some Great Danes at the nursing home. 

Thanks to two great local organizations, Service Dog Project, Inc., of Ipswich, MA, and Above & Beyond Great Dane Rescue of Maine & New Hampshire, this wish was granted on May 13, 2008 at his nursing home.  Each organization brought two gentle and well-behaved Great Danes to visit with the residents. 

Vernon’s visit with these gentle giants was something he had been looking forward to since he found out his wish would be granted.


Bobbie Joe, 75, Southampton, NJ  

Bobbie Joe dreamed of flying in a fighter jet.  Bobbie served in the Army for 21 years and was stationed all over the globe, including Korea and two tours of Vietnam.

On 4/19/08, Bobbie's wish to fly came true when he flew in a restored L-39 jet with pilot Allen H. Smith III.


Ted L., 77, Naples, FL  

Ted grew up on a sailboat and wished to sail on one again. Ted receives little income, lives in a donated trailer, and does odd jobs collecting aluminum cans to earn money.  This wish was granted by our Florida Chapter and Peter Welles, owner of the boat, who also teaches sailboat lessons at a sailing school in Fort Myers, Florida.


Residents of Sunbridge Rehabilitation, Folkston, GA  

Seventy one (71) residents of Sunbridge Rehabilitation, in Folkston, GA., were given clothing and other personal care items courtesy of Twilight Wish Foundation and the Hatboro, PA. branch of NGA, Inc.

NGA distributes new clothing to needy residents. 


Joan F., 72, New York  


Joan was widowed at 49 and raised her mentally handicapped son alone.  She has battled liver, gall bladder, and bladder cancer and is presently cancer-free.  Joan has wanted a computer for years but could not afford one.  She felt as if the world was passing her by.

Joan wished for a laptop computer, and her wish was granted by the Long Island, New York Chapter in August 2008.


Mavis W., 92, Pittsburgh, PA

At 92 years of age, Mavis still plays the autoharp and piano and enjoys entertaining others.  Born in Jamaica, she often performed in church missions, hospitals and jails, thriving on the joy she brought to others.  

After moving to the U.S. in the early 1970s, she continued her musical career, playing the piano, accordion, and pipe organ for various churches, nursing homes and community organizations.  Mavis wished for an autoharp so that she could continue sharing her gift of music with others. 

Our Western Pennsylvania Chapter presented Mavis with a new autoharp at a luncheon in her honor in December 2007.


Margaret T, 81, Mt. Airy, PA

Our first wish granted was to Margaret, a nursing home resident. Her son, Isaiah, passed away suddenly and tragically.  She was forced to bury him in an unmarked grave.  Her wish was for a tombstone for her son since the family could not afford one. DeChristopher Bros. donated the stone.


Dorothy B. - 68 - Dover, New Jersey

Background: Dorothy helps the people in her housing complex with everyday things! Every morning she gets coffee for a neighbor who has cancer; she delvers newspapers to the residents and runs errands for those that are homebound. She also stopped working so she could care for her parents. She never complains and doesn’t ask for anything in return.

The Wish: Dinner and to see Phantom of the Opera in New York City. This wish sponsored by Seniors Activity and Recreation Fund of Elk Grove, CA and NYC Vacation Packages.

Wish ID: NJ1356


Albert L, 82, Florida

Albert, a longtime Philadelphia Eagles fan, had his wish for a pregame tailgate at his nursing home granted, thanks to the national nonprofit Twilight Wish Foundation.

Albert is originally from New Jersey.  In fact, he owned a barbershop in Pitman, NJ and was the barber for several Eagles players years ago. A huge Eagles fan, he took his two daughters to all the preseason training camps and watched every game.  Despite living in Florida, he remains a loyal fan. Over the past five years he has battled severe infections and septic shock that developed after an unsuccessful hip replacement surgery. In addition, two years ago he suffered a brain stem stroke and lost his wife of 52 years.  His simple wish for a tailgate party was granted on Sunday, December 6, 2009 before the Birds played the Atlanta Falcons. Albert was surprised with a phone call from his old friend and former Eagles general manager, Harry Gamble during the tailgate.  Thanks to the Philadelphia Eagles organization for donating a personalized jersey and to Marshall Financial of Doylestown, PA for donating several other pieces of Eagle memorabilia and for funding the cost of the party.


Elizabeth D., 78, Fresh Meadows, NY

Elizabeth Drayton, 78, recently had her wish for a new dining room table and chairs to replace her over 30 year-old table granted, thanks to national nonprofit, Twilight Wish Foundation.  James Ciervo, the Long Island/New York regional chapter director for Twilight Wish and volunteer Tom Neczclubah presented Drayton with her gently used dining room table and chairs, a floral centerpiece, and a certificate honoring her.

 Drayton has endured several surgeries on her spine and this wish granting really lifted her spirits.  According to Ciervo, Drayton was shocked and choked up that her wish came true, saying, “It finally happened to me! I will never forget you, James and Thomas.”


Sabina V., 72, New York, NY

Sabina Vargas, 72, of New York City, needed a new television, but could not afford one and felt the world was passing her by.  James Ciervo, the Long Island/New York regional chapter director for Twilight Wish, presented Vargas with her brand new digital television and a certificate honoring her for her lifetime of giving to others.


Dale G., 74, Yonkers, NY

The Long Island, New York chapter of national nonprofit Twilight Wish Foundation, led by director James Ciervo,  granted its very first wish on May 5, 2008!  Dale Grand, 74, of Yonkers, NY, had requested to meet Jon Stewart, the host of The Daily Show on Comedy Central.  Although Twilight Wish was not able to arrange a meeting with Stewart, Grand, his daughter, and Ciervo enjoyed a lovely lunch at the 1050 Lounge in Manhattan, then attended a taping of the show on Monday, May 5, 2008 at the studios.  After the taping of The Daily Show, Grand received a copy of the script of that day’s show as a memento. 

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