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Horace H., 90, Bakersville, NC

Horace Hoilman, 90, a resident of Bakersville, North Carolina, recently had his simple wish for a lift chair granted. Horace lives alone and is housebound. His life centers around his chair where he frequently spend the night because it's so difficult for him to stand up from his old chair. He was nominated by his hospice worker who wrote that his old chair had no more cushion left in it and he was literally sitting on the wooden frame. Horace served in both the Navy and the Army. He was actually on board a naval ship that was patrolling the waters surrounding Japan when the atomic bombs were dropped during WWII. We were so glad to be able to grant this simple wish for such a deserving man. This will make such a difference in his quality of life.


Doris P., Raleigh, NC

Doris Powell celebrated her birthday by having her wish to do something special this year granted.  Doris, a resident of Spring Arbor of Raleigh Residential Assisted Living, suffers from multiple sclerosis (MS).  Prior to being diagnosed with MS, this mother of two and grandmother of four worked as a teller for a local bank.  Doris is an integral part of the Spring Arbor community and is well known for her infectious smile, positive attitude and colorful outfits!  Her wish was to get her hair and nails done, get dressed up and ride in a limo to a birthday dinner with friends at her favorite restaurant.  Thanks to several generous donors, her wish was granted on her birthday, Friday, December 12, 2014, when she and her friends traveled via limo to Red Lobster where they enjoyed a delicious dinner together.


Bobby K., 79, Candler, NC

Bobby King, a resident of Candler, NC, recently had his wish for a riding lawn mower granted, thanks to Twilight Wish. King, who is nearly 80, takes great pride in maintaining his property in rural North Carolina. He and his wife have lived in the same house for nearly 50 years and King still mows his grass with a push mower. Because of his age, it was getting more and more difficult for him to manage on his own.  He always wanted a riding mower, but because of his limited income, could not afford one. King is well known in his neighborhood for his generosity.  He and his wife took in their adopted daughter in 2007 when her mother died, raising her  until she graduated in 2012.  King and his wife Brenda are also very involved in their church and hold weekly prayer meetings at their house. His wish for a riding mower was granted on Monday, July 22, 2013.  Special thanks to Lowe's of West Asheville who greatly discounted the cost of the mower for King.  For the coverage on WLOS, click here.


Syble, 71, Trenton, NC

Syble, a widow, former CNA and rescue squad volunteer, needs a new electric stove. It is 38 years old and needs new burners.  Syble had to purchase a new stove before Twilight Wish could grant her wish.  She now wishes for a new hot water heater. On June, 9, 2011, Lowe's installed a brand new water heater.

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