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Dora B., 80, Patchogue, NY

Dora Baranoff, 80, a resident of New York, recently had her simple wish for an electric wheelchair granted by our Long Island, New York chapter. Dora is a bilateral amputee who volunteers 6-7 days a week at a local nursing facility. This very deserving lady was thrilled to have her wish granted!


Jim F., 69, New York, NY

Jim Fouratt, 75, a resident of New York City, had his simple wish for a new bicycle granted, thanks to the New York chapter of national nonprofit Twilight Wish Foundation. Jim relies on his bike to navigate the city, to get to his doctor appointments and as a way to keep fit.  Recently, his bike was stolen and, because he lives on a fixed income, he couldn't afford to replace it on his own. Jim has a long history of community involvement in many issues including the anti-war movement and the gay liberation movement. He was nominated by his social worker who wrote that “a new bicycle is a vital necessity that will also help revitalize his spirit.” His wish was granted on Saturday, November 19, 2016.


John M., 84, Westhampton, NY

John McCabe, 84, a resident of Westhampton, NY, had his wish for an electric wheelchair granted, thanks to our New York chapter.  John, a permanent resident of Westhampton Care Center, wished for an electric wheelchair which will allow him to navigate on his own and maintain some independence.  It will also give him the freedom to leave the facility and take part in activities that he currently cannot do because he has to rely on others to get around.  John served in the Coast Guard during the Korean War on the USS Vance. In addition, he gave generously of his time, talents and resources to many in the community throughout his lifetime. He is a 50-year member of the Riverhead Lions Club, served on the board of directors for Riverhead Library and is past president of Foxwood Village in Calverton. In addition, he was very involved in St. John the Evangelist R.C. Church, serving as lector and Eucharistic minister. His wish was granted on Thursday, November 17, 2016.  


Mary Rose, C., 100, Geneseo, NY

Mary Rose Carreo, a resident of Geneseo, New York, had her wish to meet a Buffalo Bills’ player granted thanks to the generosity of the Bills’ organization. Carreo has been a Buffalo Bills’ fan since she can remember and has attended games and training camp in the past. Carreo, who turned 100 on July 20th, is still a huge football fan and wished to meet a Buffalo Bills player for her birthday. She and her husband were married for 62 years until his passing in 2001. Together they raised two daughters and Carreo now has seven grandchildren and six great-grandchildren. In addition to raising her daughters, Carreo worked for over 20 years in the local middle school and high school cafeterias. She also volunteered for the ladies auxiliary at the local fire department, was a Girl Scout leader and was very active in St. Mary’s Church. Her wish was granted on Friday, August 5th when she met several players including head coach Rex Ryan, quarterback Tyrod Taylor, Reggie Bush and LeSean McCoy to name a few.  The Bills also treated her to a mini shopping spree at the gift shop and gave her a customized jersey with "100" on it.


Mary T., 94, Brooklyn, NY

Mary Thomas, 95, a resident of Brooklyn, will have her simple wish for a room makeover granted, thanks to our Long Island, New York chapter. Thomas was recently discharged from a nursing facility and now lives in the ground floor of her former home. She is homebound and requires 24-hour care. The room she is living in now is very dark and paneled and needs furnishings.  Her case manager nominated her to have a room makeover to make her more at home and comfortable. New York chapter director James Ciervo and volunteers transformed Thomas’ room from dingy to warm and cozy. Thomas  received a new bed, dresser, easy chair, and more, plus a television that she can actually see. This room makeover took place on Tuesday, July 5th at her home.


Linda G., 78, New York, NY

Linda Gorelik, 78, a resident of New York City, had her simple wish for a new television granted, thanks to the New York chapter of national nonprofit Twilight Wish Foundation. Gorelik is housebound because of several medical issues and lives alone with her cat who she rescued as a kitten, finding her on the street shortly after the September 11th attack. With no family or friends near her, Gorelik relies on her favorite shows and movies for entertainment. Her old television no longer works and, because she lives on a fixed income, Gorelik couldn’t afford to replace it on her own. She worked for years in advertising, creating several public service campaigns, including one for The International Center in New York. Her wish for a new television was granted on October 28, 2015.


Hermine N., 85, Queens Village, NY

Hermine Nelson, 85, a resident of Queens Village, NY, recently had her simple wish for a new stove granted, thanks to our Long Island, NY chapter.  Hermine, a widow, lives on her own in the house she and her husband bought 51 years ago. She has been without a stove since April when her 51-year-old stove finally stopped working. Hermine has been using a microwave to cook her meals, but she loves to cook and misses having a stove. Because she lives on a fixed income, she could not afford to replace it on her own. Chapter director James Ciervo delivered her new stove which was donated by a generous donor.


Jacqueline, 73, Greenlawn, NY

Jacqueline Dorman, 73, will be discharged from a nursing facility shortly, but doesn't have a bed rail on her bed at own.  She lives on her own and needs the bed rail in order to remain somewhat independent. Because she lives on a fixed income, she couldn't afford the cost of the bed rail.  Thanks to the Long Island, NY chapter of Twilight Wish, her wish was granted on June 11, 2013 when chapter director, James Ciervo, delivered her bed rail to her. Jacqueline volunteered throughout her lifetime, as a 4H leader, in her local VA hospital and ran a psychiatric crisis hotline for eight years. 


Alice W., 91, Croton-on-Hudson, NY

The Long Island, NY chapter of Twilight Wish Foundation recently granted a wish for 91-year-old Alice Wengertner.  A mother of five children, Wengertner was widowed at a young age when her husband died at the age of only 42.  Wengertner worked three jobs to support her young children.  Now 91, she lives alone and suffers from macular degeneration, leaving her unable to see her small screen television.  Her neighbor submitted the wish application on her behalf, writing "Alice is a wonderful person and so deserving.  Because she is alone at night, it would be wonderful for her to have a television that she can actually see."  Thanks to LINY chapter director, James Ciervo who raised the money  to buy the television through a raffle, her wish was granted on May 12, 2012 when she received her new large screen television.


Gerrie W., 83, Latham, NY

Geraldine “Gerrie” Westerberg, 83, recently had her wish for a motorized wheelchair to replace her broken one granted, thanks to Twilight Wish Foundation.  James Ciervo, the Long Island/New York regional chapter director for Twilight Wish presented Westerberg with her gently used motorized wheelchair and a certificate honoring her at her nursing facility on December 29, 2010.   Special thanks to Edward Ciervo and All County Ambulette for their assistance in transporting the wheelchair from Long Island to Latham, New York.

An only child who never married, Westerberg worked in the insurance industry her whole life and took care of her sick parents until they passed away in 2003.   Disabled at the age of 50, she was unable to live on her own after they passed away and moved to a nursing facility run by the Little Sisters of the Poor in Latham, New York.   Westerberg relied on a donated wheelchair to remain somewhat independent, participating in social activities, volunteering and partaking in daily prayers with the sisters.  Unfortunately, her old wheelchair was unreliable and often broke down, leaving Westerberg dependent on staff to take her to activities, meals, and prayers.  Her “new” wheelchair will allow her to maintain her independence and dignity. Gerrie's wish was profiled on News Channel 13 in Albany.


Joan F., 72, New York  


Joan was widowed at 49 and raised her mentally handicapped son alone.  She has battled liver, gall bladder, and bladder cancer and is presently cancer-free.  Joan has wanted a computer for years but could not afford one.  She felt as if the world was passing her by.

Joan wished for a laptop computer, and her wish was granted by the Long Island, New York Chapter in August 2008.


Elizabeth D., 78, Fresh Meadows, NY

Elizabeth Drayton, 78, recently had her wish for a new dining room table and chairs to replace her over 30 year-old table granted, thanks to national nonprofit, Twilight Wish Foundation.  James Ciervo, the Long Island/New York regional chapter director for Twilight Wish and volunteer Tom Neczclubah presented Drayton with her gently used dining room table and chairs, a floral centerpiece, and a certificate honoring her.

 Drayton has endured several surgeries on her spine and this wish granting really lifted her spirits.  According to Ciervo, Drayton was shocked and choked up that her wish came true, saying, “It finally happened to me! I will never forget you, James and Thomas.”


Sabina V., 72, New York, NY

Sabina Vargas, 72, of New York City, needed a new television, but could not afford one and felt the world was passing her by.  James Ciervo, the Long Island/New York regional chapter director for Twilight Wish, presented Vargas with her brand new digital television and a certificate honoring her for her lifetime of giving to others.


Dale G., 74, Yonkers, NY

The Long Island, New York chapter of national nonprofit Twilight Wish Foundation, led by director James Ciervo,  granted its very first wish on May 5, 2008!  Dale Grand, 74, of Yonkers, NY, had requested to meet Jon Stewart, the host of The Daily Show on Comedy Central.  Although Twilight Wish was not able to arrange a meeting with Stewart, Grand, his daughter, and Ciervo enjoyed a lovely lunch at the 1050 Lounge in Manhattan, then attended a taping of the show on Monday, May 5, 2008 at the studios.  After the taping of The Daily Show, Grand received a copy of the script of that day’s show as a memento.