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Please Note: Twilight Wish Foundation is registered in Pennsylvania as a nonprofit corporation and is a public charity exempt from federal income tax under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. Donations made to grant open wishes are tax deductible. Twilight Wish Foundation will make every effort to ensure that donated funds go to the wish of your choice. If this is not possible, we will apply the funds to the most urgent and similar wish open at the time. Twilight Wish Foundation has final decision-making authority over the use of all donations.


Dale C., 70, Erie, PA

We are excited that a very generous donor will make Dale's wish come true!  He will receive his new bed soon!

Dale was a single father who raised his son after the death of his wife. He also cared for his elderly uncle before he passed.  He suffers from chronic back pain and his doctor recommends he get adjustable bed to make sleeping easier.  He lives on a limited income and cannot afford to buy or save for one himself. He does not own a bed and currently sleeps on his couch.


Roxann T., 72, Erie, CO

Roxann is a former teacher who served as a Navy Ombudsman for her husband's command for 18 years. She also volunteered as a Girl Scout troop leader and at the S.P.C.A.  She and her husband would love to attend their nephew's wedding in April in California.  It would be extra special because he is getting married on the same day as they did 40 years ago! We need to raise $1,500 to cover their travel costs. Please donate today to make Roxann's wish come true.

Wish ID: 2823


Cheryll C., 71, Downers Grove, IL

Cheryll was part of a group that started the Lake County Center for Independent Living that helps people with disabilities. She has also volunteered at her local hospital and received a 'Civic Recognition Award" for her acts of compassion and kindness.

She in need of a new couch and wishes for one that reminds her of the one her family had when she was a child. We need to raise $1,300 to make this special wish come true!

Wish ID: 2840


Carol D., 69, Bensalem, PA

Thanks to the generosity of the Legacy Foundation, Carol will soon have her wish granted!
Carol is involved in her church’s clothing ministry and healing room. She has also provided chaplain services as a volunteer at her local hospital. She is in need of extensive dental work that she cannot afford on her fixed income. 

Donate Now to help us grant more wishes like the ones below!

Wish ID: Donate


William Z., 72, Cottage Grove, WI

William's wish has come true!

William is an Army veteran who is a hospice patient. He enjoys time with his family, but due to his medical and financial limitations he is rarely able to have all of his daughters and grandchildren together.  He wishes to enjoy the time he has left and would like to go with his family to Evergreen Lodge.  He loves nature and wildlife and was an avid outdoors man. This trip would be a celebration for his birthday and his 38th wedding anniversary with his wife.



Carol R., Telford, PA

We received a generous donation and Carol's wish has been granted!

Carol was a probation officer and taught Sunday school at her local church. She also provided emotional and care giving support to her niece after her husband left her to raise three children.  With her support, her niece was able to graduate from college and become a teacher. During this time, Carol became very close with her niece's children. The oldest is now graduating from nursing school and the youngest is graduating from high school.  They live in Nevada and Carol's wish is to see them both graduate.  Due to her limited income, she can not afford the extra expense of this trip. 


Mercer County, Pennsylvania Chapter

Donations will be used for granting wishes to Mercer County, Pennsylvania seniors.

Wish ID: MercerCo


Long Island, NY Chapter

Donations will be used for granting wishes to Long Island, NY County seniors.

Wish ID: LongIslandNY


Ernest L., 74, East Orange, NJ

Thanks to the fundraising efforts of some University of Nevada students, Ernest's wish has been fulfilled!

Ernest attends a vocational rehabilitation program for people with disabilities.  He is a talented artist who would like to improve his skills.  His wish is to take drawing classes at "Arts Unbound", a special art studio for people with disabilities.  Due to his fixed income, he cannot afford to pay for the classes himself.  He was nominated to have his wish granted by his program director.  She says Ernest is a very dedicated and kind man who sets an example for their younger clients with disabilities.