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Please Note: Twilight Wish Foundation is registered in Pennsylvania as a nonprofit corporation and is a public charity exempt from federal income tax under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. Donations made to grant open wishes are tax deductible. Twilight Wish Foundation will make every effort to ensure that donated funds go to the wish of your choice. If this is not possible, we will apply the funds to the most urgent and similar wish open at the time. Twilight Wish Foundation has final decision-making authority over the use of all donations.


Donnie R., 72, Sylacauga, AL

Donnie worked at a textile mill for almost 40 years. The loud machines he was exposed to caused severe hearing loss. He feels isolated because he cannot hear and understand when people are talking.  Due to his limited income, he cannot afford hearing aids on his own. We need to raise $3,000 to make this simple wish come true.  Please help us improve Donnie's quality of life and donate today!

Wish ID: 3132


Phyllis G., 95, Fairfax, CA

Phyllis is an original "Rosie the Riveter." She was one of the first female welders admitted to the Boilermakers Union in Richmond, Calif., and to be hired in the Kaiser shipyards in July 1942.

She first earned the status of journeyman (proficient) welder by passing a prescribed test in her first year in the shipyard. Later, she was one of only a few workers – male or female – who achieved U.S. Navy certification as a welder during World War II.

She has worked for many years to get Congressional recognition for all the "Rosies'" patriotic contributions to the World War II effort and to American history. Her persistence paid off when a Senate resolution declared March 21, 2017 "National Rosie the Riveter Day." 

Phyllis would love to celebrate with other "Rosies" at their annual convention in June.  We need to raise $1,200 to cover the cost of her travel and lodging.  Please help make her wish come true and donate today!


Wish ID: 3058


Nancy S., 84, Birmingham, AL

Nancy is very involved in her church and is a weekly volunteer at a thrift store that donates their profits to the church.  She also helps in the office of her church assisting the staff with many duties.

She wishes to visit her cousin who is dying of pancreatic cancer.  Her cousin is her closet relative and her nominator feels that this visit will provide them both with closure and lift their spirits.  We need to raise $550 to cover her accommodations and other travel expenses. Donate today to help grant Nancy's wish!

Wish ID: 2984


Troy S., 69, Oxford, MS

Troy has served his community as a pastor for 27 years.  He is battling multiple myeloma cancer which has affected his ability to walk and he now spends most of his time at home.  He would love to go to Gatlinburg, TN to see the mountains and breathe in the fresh air. This trip would help to lift his spirits and enjoy some time with his wife.  They cannot afford to take the trip on their own.  To make his wish come true, we need to raise $2,000 to cover the cost of travel and lodging. Please donate today!

Wish ID: 3030



Edith L., 80, Boston, MA

Edith volunteered throughout her community to raise funds for the Martin Luther King, Jr. monument and the National African American Museum in Washington , DC. Her greatest wish would be to see the monument and museum in person to reflect upon the Civil Rights Movement and learn more about her past. Edith also volunteers in her church and worked as a nurse when she was younger.  She has been nominated by her granddaughter who looks up to her and says she has a heart of gold.  This wish would mean so much to Edith who will turn 81 in April!  We need to raise $1,800 to cover the travel and accommodations for Edith and her granddaughter.  Please help to make this come true and donate today!

Wish ID: 3123


Patricia A., 82, Barstow, CA

Patricia often knits hats for infants in the neonatal unit at her local hospital.  She also sends them to an Indian Reservation in South Dakota.  She lives by herself and takes great pride in her home.  Currently, the  skirting on her mobile home is crumbling and she does not have the extra income to have it fixed.  Her wish is to have the skirting replaced.  We need to raise $800 to cover the cost of materials.  Please donate today to help make Patricia's simple wish come true!

Wish ID: 3122


Sandra T., 72, Las Vegas, NV

Thanks to generous donations from the Provident Bank Foundation and the  FT Cares Foundation we will be granting Sandra's wish!

Sandra is unable to sleep lying flat due to a medical condition.  She currently sleeps in her chair.  She wishes for an adjustable twin bed.  She lives on a fixed income and cannot afford to buy one.  


Wilda K., 71, Hartford, KY

Our generous donors have come through again!  Wilda will soon receive hearing aids. Wilda has been nominated by her friend of 25 years. She is in need of hearing aids.  She currently cares for her 48 year old disabled son.  Because of her hearing losss, she has trouble communicating and has stopped going to her church services because she cannot hear.  


Patricia S., 70, East Middlebury, VT

Thanks to the generosity of the FT Cares Foundation, we will soon make Patricia's wish come true!

Patricia was a foster parent for 35 years.  She volunteered at elementary schools to read books to the students and has helped run blood drives at the VFW.  She lives by herself on a fixed income.  She hasn't seen her brother and his family in many years.  Her wish would be to visit them in Georgia and spend quality time with them.  We need to raise $600 to cover her travel costs.  


David G., 69, Springfield, TN

David served in the Marines during the Vietnam War. He and his wife have operated a community service ministry that provides food to low income families for thirty years.  He has not been able to visit his siblings who live in his hometown of LaFeria, TX.  His wish is to be able to spend time with his family while he is still healthy to do so.  We have received a generous donation from the FT Cares Foundation towards his wish, but we still need to raise $400 to cover the travel costs for David and his wife to reunite with them.  Please donate today to help make this special wish a reality for them!

Wish ID: 3085


Kathryn C., 89, Henderson, NV

Kathryn will be turning 90 years old in March.  She has been been researching her heritage and has expressed she would love to revisit her childhood hometown in Nebraska.  She wants to trace her roots and see the places she grew up going to.  She hasn't been back there in over 60 years.  She suffered from polio at an early age causing her to have some paralysis.  She has been limited in many daily activities since then.  She lives on a limited income and cannot afford this trip on her own.  We would love to send her back to Nebraska to celebrate her birthday.  We need to raise $2,300 to cover the travel expenses for her and her son.  Please donate to help make her Twilight Wish come true!

Wish ID: 3084


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