Open Wishes


Please Note: Twilight Wish Foundation is registered in Pennsylvania as a nonprofit corporation and is a public charity exempt from federal income tax under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. Donations made to grant open wishes are tax deductible. Twilight Wish Foundation will make every effort to ensure that donated funds go to the wish of your choice. If this is not possible, we will apply the funds to the most urgent and similar wish open at the time. Twilight Wish Foundation has final decision-making authority over the use of all donations.


Dolores B., 71, Butler, PA

Dolores lives alone and strives daily to be as independent as possible so she can remain in her home. She lost her husband in a tragic accident at a young age and has struggled financially ever since.  She wishes for a new stackable washer and dryer set installed on her first floor so she can manage her laundry safely.

We need to raise $1,400 to make her wish come true!


Wish ID: HQ2643


Teresa R., Pacific, MO

Teresa was the primary caregiver for her mother and then her husband until they passed away. She now lives in a nursing home and is confined to a wheelchair.  She does not get the opportunity to go outside of her facility and wishes to spend the day shopping and having lunch with her sister. Due to her limited means, she does not have the extra money for clothes and would like a few new things for her room.

We would like to raise $500 to grant her wish.  Please donate today!

Wish ID: HQ2646


Barbara W., 75, Spokane, WA

Barbara is a a loving mother and spiritual woman who moved in with her daughter to help take care of her two grandsons who have special needs.  She has always loved to sing.  She used to perform at church and in talent shows. She continues to lead singing at nursing homes each week.  Her greatest wish would be to meet the members of the Gaither Homecoming Group, led by Bill and Gloria Gaither.  She has always admired them and loves their music!

If you have any conncetions to this group, please contact Michelle at 215-230-8777 ext. 104 or 


Louise M., 97, Newark, DE

Louise has lived in long term care for three years.  Her sister who lives in NJ used to visit, but now, due to declining health, is unable to make the trip. Louise misses her time with her and would love to vist her in Ocean City, NJ.  She will need a wheelchair van  for transport. 

Her greatest wish would be to have lunch with her and sit on the boardwalk together, looking at the beach.  We need to raise $300 to cover travel costs.

Wish ID: HQ2636


Frank S., 70, Kittaning, PA

Frank's sole companion is his dog.  He is permanently disabled and can no longer walk his dog without severe pain.  His greatest wish would be to have a fence put around his yard so his dog could get exercise without his assistance. We need to raise $3,000 to make his wish come true. Please donate today!


Wish ID: HQ2549


William S., 78, Florissant, MO

Thanks to the Missouri Aviation Historical Society, William's wish will be granted!

William is a veteran of the United States Marine Corps who served during the Korean War.  He worked on the flight line at McDonnell Douglas for thirty years helping to build the F-101, F-4 and F-15 fighter jet aircrafts.  During that time, he dreamed of riding in one of them himself. 

He is an active member of his church and has gone on numerous mission trips over the past twenty years helping to build churches and youth camps.  His greatest wish is still to take a ride in a fighter jet.  If you have a connection that could make this come true, please contact our office.  We will also need funding to cover expenses for the wish.  Please donate to help make William's dream come true!


Doris P., Raleigh, NC

Doris has lived in assisted living for many years and has Multiple Sclerosis.  In the past, she volunteered at a local mission giving out food.  She has an infectious smile and attitude! She loves the staff at her facility and enjoys spending time with the other residents but she wishes to celebrate her birthday with a night out!  She wants to get her nails and hair done and ride in a limousine to go to dinner.


We need to raise $500 to make her wish come true!

Wish ID: HQ2614


Dorothy R., 73, Oak Park, IL

Dorothy is a lifelong Chicago Bulls fan!  After a  serious illness and hospitalization, she is facing a long recovery.  She has always been the person who takes care of others and is feeling depressed because she is no longer able to do so.  Her daughter, who submitted the wish, feels that a visit from a Chicago Bulls player or analyst, Stacey King, would lift her spirits and aid in her recovery!

We need your help to make Dorothy's wish come true!  If you have a connection with the Chicago Bulls please contact our office at 215-230-8777 ext. 104.