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Please Note: Twilight Wish Foundation is registered in Pennsylvania as a nonprofit corporation and is a public charity exempt from federal income tax under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. Donations made to grant open wishes are tax deductible. Twilight Wish Foundation will make every effort to ensure that donated funds go to the wish of your choice. If this is not possible, we will apply the funds to the most urgent and similar wish open at the time. Twilight Wish Foundation has final decision-making authority over the use of all donations.


Margaret W., 92, Eureka, CA

Margaret volunteers at the Eureka Rescue Mission and the Senior Resource Center.  During WWII, she worked in a munitions plant in California.  She wanted to attend the annual Rosie the Riveter convention in June to connect with other "Rosies" but it is to far for her to travel at this time.

When the Oregon American Rosie the Riveter Association found out, they invited her to their meeting in September.  They will enjoy lunch, discuss the convention and hear a speech about WWII. 

We need to raise $800 to cover the travel and accomodations for Margaret and her daughter who will accompany her. Please donate to make her wish come true!

Wish ID: 2572


Patricia R., 87, Lima, PA

Patricia resides in a nursing home and has been feeling down lately due to the loss of her vision.  She would love to go out and do some shopping, get her nails done and enjoy a nice lunch.  She volunteered at Jefferson Hospital in her past and is described as one of the nicest people she knows by her social worker who nominated her for this wish.  

We need to raise $400 to make her wish come true.  Please donate today!

Wish ID: 2912


Dorothy G., 78, Royal Palm Beach, FL

Thanks to a generous donation from the FT Cares Foundation, Dorothy will have her wish granted!

Dorothy gave much of her time helping her family members before they passed away. She now lives alone and has trouble getting up  from her couch due to a chronic medical condition.  She would like a lift chair to make this easier and she cannot afford one as she lives a fixed income.


Constance E., 71, Farrell, PA

Constance is a volunteer with the nurses guild at her church and serves on the kitchen committee.  She is very proud of her heritage and would like to visit the new National Museum of African American History and Culture in Washington DC with her granddaughter.  We need to raise $1,000 to cover the cost of the trip.  Please donate to help make this special wish come true!

Wish ID: 2887


Betty K., 69, Sparks, NV

Thanks to students from the University of Nevada, Betty's wish will soon be granted!

Betty devoted most of her life raising her disabled daughter and other children on her own.  She lives alone has difficulty getting in and out of her chair and would love to have a lift one to make it easier for her. 



Hortense W., 81, Farrell, PA

Thanks to our wonderful donors including the FT Cares Foundation, Hortense will have her wish granted!

Hortense lost four great-grandchildren tragically in a house fire many years ago.  The family was never able to afford a grave stone for them. Her greatest wish is to get one.  


Judith P., 71, Enfield, CT

With the help of our New York Chapter and a generous donor, Judith's wish will soon come true!

Judith served in the Medical Corps of the U.S. Army as a physical therapist.  She belonged to the American Legion after her military service and participated in many activities that helped other veterans.  She currently resides in a nursing home and is wheelchair bound.  She cannot navigate her residence without assistance because she only has a manual wheelchair.  Her wish is for a heavy duty power chair.  


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