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Please Note: Twilight Wish Foundation is registered in Pennsylvania as a nonprofit corporation and is a public charity exempt from federal income tax under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. Donations made to grant open wishes are tax deductible. Twilight Wish Foundation will make every effort to ensure that donated funds go to the wish of your choice. If this is not possible, we will apply the funds to the most urgent and similar wish open at the time. Twilight Wish Foundation has final decision-making authority over the use of all donations.


Nancy S., 80, Las Vegas, NV

Nancy will soon have her air conditioner thanks to our wonderful donors! Nancy is a widow and former foster parent who also help raise her two younger brothers.  Her wish is to have an air-conditioner in her mobile home to help with the extremely hot summer. Due to her limited income, she cannot afford one on her own.  


William Z., 72, Cottage Grove, WI

William will have his wish granted!

William is an Army veteran who is a hospice patient. He enjoys time with his family, but due to his medical and financial limitations he is rarely able to have all of his daughters and grandchildren together.  He wishes to enjoy the time he has left and would like to go with his family to Evergreen Lodge.  He loves nature and wildlife and was an avid outdoors man. This trip would be a celebration for his birthday and his 38th wedding anniversary with his wife.



Carol R., Telford, PA

We received a generous donation and Carol's wish will be granted!

Carol was a probation officer and taught Sunday school at her local church. She also provided emotional and care giving support to her niece after her husband left her to raise three children.  With her support, her niece was able to graduate from college and become a teacher. During this time, Carol became very close with her niece's children. The oldest is now graduating from nursing school and the youngest is graduating from high school.  They live in Nevada and Carol's wish is to see them both graduate.  Due to her limited income, she can not afford the extra expense of this trip. 


Myra B., 69, North Wales, PA

We have received a power chair for Myra!  She will receive it soon.

Myra has been disabled to the point of needing skilled nursing care since 2007.  She is unable to walk, but is a vibrant member of her nursing home.  She is a member of their glee club, participates in art and contributes her literary talents to enrich other's lives.

Her power chair recently broke and she cannot afford a new one. We want to grant her wish for a new one.


Edna B., 76, Doylestown, PA

Thanks to a wonderful donor, Edna's wish has been granted!

Edna has faced many tragedies in her life.  She cared for her daughter who suffered with Cystic Fibrosis until she passed away at the age of 40.  Her son then died at the age of 41.  Her youngest daughter currently lives with her and suffers from mental illness.

Edna always tried to help others when she could.  When her local creek flooded, she made meals for the people who had to stay in a shelter.  She also babysat her neighbors children for free when they needed help.

She has family in Georgia and would like to move there. She feels that this would not just be better for her, but for her daughter to be close to their family as well. Due to her very limited income, she cannot afford to make the move on her own. 


Mae K., 88, Levittown, PA

Thanks to a wonderful donor, Mae's wish will be granted!

Mae was a "Rosie the Riveter", helping to build B-17s and B29s for Boeing in Seattle, WA from 1943 to 1945. She also riveted aircraft at the Kaiser plant in Bristol, PA during the Korean War. She loved the role she played during the war and is very proud to have helped build the 5,000th B-17!  She and her co-workers even autographed that plane which is pictured here. 

She is a recent widow and longs to reunite with other "Rosie the Riverters".  Her wish is to attend their national convention to be held in California in June!  


Evelyn J., 85, Myrtle, MS

Evelyn's wish for a new water heater will soon be granted thanks to a generous donor!

Evelyn is a dedicated member of her community and church who recently lost her husband.  They struggled financially ever since he became sick.  She is now faced with caring for her home by herself and is need of a new hot water heater.


Mercer County, Pennsylvania Chapter

Donations will be used for granting wishes to Mercer County, Pennsylvania seniors.

Wish ID: MercerCo


Ernest L., 74, East Orange, NJ

Thanks to the fundraising efforts of some University of Nevada students, Ernest's wish will be fulfilled!

Ernest attends a vocational rehabilitation program for people with disabilities.  He is a talented artist who would like to improve his skills.  His wish is to take drawing classes at "Arts Unbound", a special art studio for people with disabilities.  Due to his fixed income, he cannot afford to pay for the classes himself.  He was nominated to have his wish granted by his program director.  She says Ernest is a very dedicated and kind man who sets an example for their younger clients with disabilities.




Theo M., 75, Washington, PA

Thanks to a generous donor, Theo's wish will be granted!

Theo is a simple man who loves to bake desserts and give them to others. He became totally deaf  two years ago and his only way of communicating is using a dry-erase board.  He used to be a very social person but now he feels isolated and depressed.  

His wish is for a special face to face communication device that he cannot afford due to his fixed income. 


Dolores B., 71, Butler, PA

Dolores has received news that her wish will be granted!  Thank you to a generous donor and our Butler County Chapter for making her wish come true!

Dolores lives alone and strives daily to be as independent as possible so she can remain in her home. She lost her husband in a tragic accident at a young age and has struggled financially ever since.  She wishes for a new stackable washer and dryer set installed on her first floor so she can manage her laundry safely.