Planned Giving Program


Leave behind a legacy that benefits others with a planned gift to Twilight Wish. While many think of planned gifts as simply cash or securities, planned gifts can also come in the form of will bequests, insurance policies, and gift annuities.

Planned giving is not only for the wealthy. Anyone can enhance his or her capacity to give. In fact, you can benefit directly by specifying gifts that pay income for life. You can also pass property directly to heirs without passing through and being taxed as part of an estate.  

Your planned gift to Twilight Wish Foundation will enable us to pursue our vision of making our world a nicer place to age, one wish at a time.

Estate Giving

A current will provides you with the opportunity to distribute your estate assets according to your predetermined wishes. It offers a final expression of your values to your heirs; a chance to address their special needs; and the ability to make gifts to individuals or charitable organizations like Twilight Wish Foundation.

If you have children or relatives whom you would like to make provisions for, a will is indispensable. Similarly, if you wish to leave behind a legacy for a charity, a will is required. An attorney should prepare your will and you should sign it. Two witnesses who are not beneficiaries of the will should also sign it, validating that it is indeed your will.

A will is revocable at any time until a donor's death. The advantage of designating a gift to charity by bequest is that you can use your assets or income until the will is final. Legal bequest language for Twilight Wish Foundation is:

"I, [name], of [city, state, zip code] give, devise and bequeath to the Twilight Wish Foundation, Doylestown, PA [written amount or percentage of the estate or description of property or "rest, residue and remainder of my estate"] for its general purposes (or for the particular purposes the donor designates)."  

Life Insurance, IRAs, Pensions & Profit-Sharing Accounts

When IRA assets are distributed through an estate, the value is included in the estate's assets, but the full charitable deduction offsets the value so no estate tax is due. If IRA assets are left to heirs, they can be subject not only to estate tax, but also income tax, impacting a significant portion of the IRAs value. The Pension Protection Act of 2006 provides an exclusion from gross income for distributions to charities of up to $100,000 from a traditional IRA or Roth IRA, which would otherwise be included in income.

Gifting a life insurance policy is often a forgotten option. By listing Twilight Wish Foundation as a full or partial beneficiary of your policy, your gift can benefit the Foundation quickly and avoid the lengthy estate probate process.

Gifts of Appreciated Assets or Property: Stocks & Bonds

Donating appreciated securities eliminates capital gains taxes at the time the gift is made or the trust is established, and the charitable deduction for the donation is calculated from the full market value of the stock. Please contact Twilight Wish Foundation for stock transfer information at 215-230-8777, ext. 100.

If you would like to help us make our world a nicer place to age, consider making a planned gift today. Please contact Cass Forkin, Founder, Twilight Wish Foundation for stock transfer information.  She can be reached at 215-230-8777, ext. 101.