Request A Wish


How can I request a wish?  Who qualifies to receive one?

Applications may be submitted for yourself or on behalf of someone else. If you would like us to mail you a Wish Application, contact our office at 877-TWF-WISH (893-9474).  

Twilight Wish provides wish granting applications, services, and products FREE OF CHARGE to the wish recipient. There are NEVER ANY APPLICATION FEES.

Click here for our "Wish Application" form.

Wish Recipient Requirements

Qualifying wish recipients must meet all the following requirements:

  • Must be 65 years of age or a permanent resident of an eldercare facility
  • Legal United States citizenship
  • Annual income of less than 200% of current federal government published poverty level income (2017 - $23,760 or less annual income for household of one) or be unable to grant own wish (not including financial reasons)
  • History of giving back to others (through service to our nation, community or family)
  • Must be cognitively and physically capable of communicating and experiencing the wish
  • Physician documentation (when requested)

Note: Proof of age, income, personal history, physical condition per a physician’s letter, and citizenship are conditions of this application and must be provided if requested for the wish to be granted.

How does TWF determine if we can grant a wish?

Wish applications are reviewed at monthly Wish Committee Meetings to determine an applicant's eligibility. We may contact sponsors and volunteers to help grant wishes. We typically place wishes on our website and grant them when funding becomes available.   

Selection of wish recipients is at the sole discretion of Twilight Wish Foundation.

Restrictions on types of wishes

Twilight Wish Foundation (TWF) grants qualifying wishes as funding and resources become available. TWF reserves the right to deny requests for any purpose in conflict with the mission of TWF. TWF will deny the following types of wishes:

  • Political, dangerous or illegal in nature
  • Housing reconstruction (any type, including home repair)
  • Bill payments or requests for cash
  • Medical items (including surgery or pharmaceutical items)
  • Physical assets such as houses, vehicles, and boats, etc. 
  • We do not accept applications submitted by a paid third party
  • We do not grant wishes for vacations.  Travel wishes must be purposeful, i.e. to visit a hometown one more time.
  • Wishes that extend beyond the life of the wish recipient (funeral arrangements, headstones, etc.)