Veterans' Wishes


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James H., 87, Sherman, TX

We are excited to say that James had his wish granted thanks to many generous donors!

It is our privilege and duty to honor our  elderly American veterans' sacrifices by fulfilling their wishes. We just received a wish for a brave Marine veteran who served in World War II, Korea and Vietnam and we need your help to grant it.

James wishes to attend the reunion of the "Chosin Few" as he is 87 and this may be his last chance to do so. The Battle of Chosin Reservoir is considered by many to be the Iwo Jima of the Korean War and Haun is one of precious few surviving members of this battle.

In November of 1950, during the coldest winter North Korea had experienced in 100 years, U.N. forces, many of them U.S. Marines from the 1st Marine Division, were in pursuit of North Korea troops when they were surprised by Chinese forces. Surrounded and outnumbered 8-1 by Chinese forces, the Marines embarked upon a 78-mile journey to the Sea of Japan to reconnect with American forces. Cut off from support, the Marines were still able to fight their way through ten Chinese infantry division.

James and his wife wish to attend the upcoming reunion of these brave men in August in San Diego. But, because of his wife's medical condition, they can only travel by train and she requires an aide.