Wish Granting Programs


Twilight Wish celebrates seniors and makes dreams come true by granting wishes for recipients who do not have the ability to fulfill their own wishes for themselves.  Wish Granting provides a meaningful “thank you” for a senior's life of service to others, and is an experience that brings a smile through comfort and joy. 

Sometimes the wish fulfills an immediate need.  Sometimes it fulfills a last wish or a wish of a lifetime.  Big or small, all wishes are significant to the recipient.  We thank them for what they specifically have done for others over the years.  To show them we remember and care, we present each wish recipient a special Twilight Wish Award Certificate.

Simple Needs – A Twilight Wish Program

A Simple Needs Twilight Wish can be for food, clothing, stoves, refrigerators, air conditioners, heaters, mattresses; accessibility items including walkers, wheelchairs, scooters and ramps; visual aids such as glasses and reading equipment; hearing aids so they can participate in activities and reduce isolation and despair; dentures to smile again and eat healthy fresh fruit and vegetables, etc.

Celebrating a Life – A Twilight Wish Program

A Celebrating a Life Twilight Wish includes meaningful and nostalgic wishes granted for hospice patients, persons 90 years of age and older or recipients with limited life expectancies.  These wishes can be for family reunions, visits to hometowns, visits to places of comfort and joy, chances to return to their jobs or careers one more time, and any similar wish that validates and brings joy to the recipient.  

Living Life to the Fullest – A Twilight Wish Program

A Living Life to the Fullest Twilight Wish can include riding on a motorcycle, having a book published, taking a ride on a hot air balloon ride, having songs listened to by executives/producers in the music industry, ride in a fighter jet, taking a special fishing trip, meeting a famous person, going to a ballgame and being greeted by favorite players and other similar wishes.

Veterans Wishes – A Twilight Wish Program

One third of the Twilight Wishes granted are granted for veterans.  Veterans’ wishes can fall into any of the other three programs but we differentiate this program as it gives us an opportunity to thank veterans, many in nursing facilities, for all they have done for others over the years. 

How Can I Help Grant Wishes?

  • Donate:
    • In-Kind Products & Services
    • Individual Donations - check out our “Do Good - Feel Good” Program"
    • United Way (SEPA #15813 otherwise check your local UW list)
    • Corporate Sponsors – ask for Cass at ext 101
  • Volunteer – join a committee, grant wishes, or help in our office
  • Recommend us to your Family Foundation or Grant Funders
  • Sponsor our events  
  • Choose Twilight Wish Foundation to be your Event Beneficiary from your local Rotary Club, Kiwanis Club, Lions Club, Key Club or other group fundraiser